Why are Health & Safety Signs Required?

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Why are Health & Safety Signs Required?

No matter where we go we’re greeted with some form of health and safety signage. From fire exits to ‘must wear a hard hat’, such signs are present in order to minimise the risk of accident or worse. Under UK law, every single business MUST have the necessary health and safety signage clearly displayed. Do you? 

What exactly makes a decent health & safety sign? 

Just as they are required to be in place by law, signs must be designed and implemented correctly. Companies not adhering to such policies are at best risking the receipt of a potentially hefty fine. Worst case scenario involves an accident and someone gets hurt. The ramifications of this don’t require discussion. 

Consistent designs unify the specific language each sign displays. In the unfortunate case of an emergency, employees and visitors automatically know exactly which type of sign they need to look for. A good sign should be clear, easy to read and always up to date. 

The latest signage you WILL have noticed

Although not specifically required by law, the UK Government has published a list of recommendations for companies to follow whilst COVID-19 remains present. This list of recommendations includes clearly positioning safety signs to promote social distancing. From wall signs to floor stickers, such additions are fast becoming the norm and are set to stay for at least the immediate future. 

Other than the law, why do we need signs? 

Almost like a universal language, people understand the content of health and safety signs, recognising their role is to keep us safe. As a consistent feature, protocol awareness need not be questioned. 

A factor often overlooked is confidence. Let’s think about this in the most basic of terms. Upon entering a shopping center, we’re subliminally aware of signs pointing towards fire exits. Such information sits within the mind and is pulled to the forefront if necessary. Now imagine seeing absolutely no signs whatsoever. Would you feel confident within your surroundings? 

Let’s take it to the workplace

It’s been proven that a motivated team is more likely to increase in productivity. When employees have confidence in a company and feel as though their safety is your number one priority, they are more likely to respect you. Respectively, these features are turned into motivation, resulting in increased productivity.  

At Greyfield Screen Print we provide an entire range of health and safety signage. Visit our website today to keep your team motivated and minimise risk. 

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