Build your Brand Using Old School Methods that Work

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Build your Brand Using Old School Methods that Work

In a modern world where marketing efforts focus heavily around digital we have decided to take a step back and look at some alternatives. Today’s blog is going to focus upon a specific branch related to analog marketing and how you can use this to your advantage. Through the discussion of car window stickers and decals we are hoping you bring you back to basics with your business in a cost effective manner.  

What exactly is analog marketing?

Imagine a world without internet. This means no websites and zero social media. If the digital age is all you’ve ever known, chances are the thought of living without will throw you into a complete spin! Before the days of blogs and helpful online forums, brand building was carried out via building relationships in person, through letters, signage, radio and television advertising and numerous other methods. 

What’s the benefits of analog marketing? 

Because analog marketing happens offline, it often comes as a pleasant surprise to those in receipt of a handwritten letter containing a car window sticker as a gift, for example. In 2020, this style of marketing is rather out of the norm and therefore is more likely to be not only appreciated but remembered.

What’s the difference between a sticker and a decal?

Stickers for windows can be used on vehicles and provide a cost effective way of building a brand. Decals can actually be used on the outside of a car and can be relatively moderate in size to wrapping the vehicle fully. 

How can companies get the best use from car stickers? 

Allow your imagination to roam and get creative. We’ve already mentioned one example whereby a company sends a handwritten thank you note along with a car sticker as a gift. Of course you yourself as a company owner has the chance to display your brand with pride whilst handing out additional stickers to staff members. If your company attends expos these make the perfect giveaways either on their own or in goody bags.

How will a decal help my business? 

As a company you want to be recognised. The more recognition you receive the more your brand will grow. Building a brand is likely to result in more enquiries and ultimately additional sales. If you have a company car or the vehicle you use is predominantly for business, it’s certainly worth investigating, especially if you’re travelling to meetings regularly. 

What should I put on my car window sticker? 

This is a great question and there are in fact a myriad of options. 

Let’s investigate further;  

Website URL: Of course your logo is paramount and with the inclusion of a correct url you’re ensuring people have the opportunity to recall your business easily. With online sales ever growing, this is a great way of combining both analog and digital. 

Slogan & Logo: Perhaps you already have a catchy slogan attached to your business. If not, can one be created. The chances are you know which companies we are talking about when saying ‘Just do it’ and ‘Because you’re worth it’. When a slogan is memorable a brand experienced growth. 

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Company Name & Details: Include a logo, company name, telephone number and address. This method provides a straightforward way for people to instantly recognise the brand and easily get in touch. 

Special Offers: Perhaps you are looking to promote a specific product or service. Car window stickers are a great way to advertise these for a short period of time. Even when the offer is gone, your brand lives on! 

With so much scope to further a brand using car window stickers and decals we recommend giving it a try. With relatively minimal costs attached the worst that can happen is a few more people will learn of your brand. 

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