Health & Safety Signs: How Important are They?

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Health & Safety Signs: How Important are They?

Today at Greyfield Screen Print we are discussing health and safety signs, their importance and what they mean to you and your company. Are you fully aware of exactly what’s expected of you in terms of health and safety signage? Let’s investigate further.

What is the specific purpose of health and safety signs?

Designed to keep staff, customers and members of the public safe and secure, health and safety signs are indicative of how to stay protected within particular environments.

Are there different types of signs?

Yes, absolutely. With a myriad of specific health and safety signs, these fall into four categories:

Prohibition & Fire: Signs within this category are those telling you not to do something such as ‘No Entry’. Prohibition & Fire signs are depicted as red circles with a red diagonal line right through the act you are not to commit. Additional signage you’re likely familiar with include ‘No Mobile Phones’ and ‘No Smoking’. Whilst the former are found in restricted areas, the latter are prevalent to medical establishments.

Mandatory/Safety: In contrast to the above, a mandatory sign states you must do something whilst demonstrating a specific behaviour. These are blue signs with white pictures and include ‘Eye Protection Must be Worn’, ‘Keep Premises Tidy’ and ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’. Such universal signage is found in office blocks, factories and warehouses across the UK.

Caution/Warning: A caution or warning sign is triangular in shape and bright yellow or amber in colour with a black border. You are likely to have seen warning signs in public restrooms stating floors are wet. Additional caution signs include ‘Danger High Voltage’, ‘Dangerous Chemicals’ and ‘Mind the Step’. Found in factories, laboratories and places with additional ‘surprising’ steps, you are probably familiar with them.

Safe Condition: These are green, rectangular signs directing you to safety pertaining to the likes of a fire exit or first aid station. Directions are in white and clearly show the direction individuals should follow to safety. Safety signs are found in every establishment whether business, medical or educational and you would instantly recognise them.

What are the health & safety sign regulations?

According to The Health and Safety Regulations 1996, signs should be displayed clearly within businesses when potential risk has not been removed or controlled by other methods.


Many UK health and safety signs have become standardised making them almost a universal language. Because an individual easily recognise signs instantly and understands their meaning it results in a fast and effective way of obtaining information.  

Why are health & safety signs important?

This type of signage is important to companies so they can ensure complete safety of every single individual passing through premises at any given time. All health and safety signs are required to be correctly displayed and properly maintained. Failure to comply with the relevant health and safety regulations could potentially result in injury, a lawsuit and large costs.

How can Greyfield Screen Print?

As health and safety sign specialists we have the industry knowledge and expertise in the provision of long-lasting signage across the UK. Our signs are competitively priced and of the highest quality available. Speak with our team today for more information. 


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